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WildSurfer won 1,000 credits for being the top surfer in the contest this past week!


easymoney won 500 credits for surfing the most the first week of March!


newly23 won 1000 credits with our Activity Reward! 2/22/2021


jc won 1,000 credits with our Activity Reward! 2/1/2021

Frequently Asked Questions

* What is Account Cash and how can I use it?
Account Cash is an awesome incentive implemented for the use of our members! Account Cash is earned when members surf a specific number of sites, earned when members referrals make a purchase, or sometimes....we will just drop a certain amount in for those members that show loyalty and activity on their account! Account Cash can be used to purchase any advertising of your choice on our site! (Unless Stated Otherwise) Account Cash cannot be used to upgrade your account.

* How do you reward members for their loyalty and activity?
That is what sets us apart from other sites! We want to make sure that our members feel that we appreciate their loyalty and their activity on! Periodically, we go through accounts and look for those members that help thrive! We look for the length of membership and for the surfing activity! The more you surf, the bigger we smile, and the more Account Cash we will award you!

* Do you ever run contests to win prizes?
Yes! We love to run contests between our members! They will happen a lot! Some monthly, some weekly, some daily! We will let you know in advance, so make sure you read any messages or notices from us!

* How Do I contact You?
Please feel free to always contact us regarding any questions or comments! We always want to strive to do our very best for our members and the site! Please contact us:

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